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Reserve Residences is expected to be the next high-demand luxurious development by Far East Organization and Sino Group

Jun 27

The Reserve Residences worth buying in the perfect location in The Beauty World because the property will provide the future residents access to Beauty World's vital transportation hub . The hub is comprised of The recently finished Beauty World Bus Interchange as together with The Beauty World MRT Station.

The Reserve Residences units sold is an exclusive mixed-use project and is offered accessible to you via Far East Organization & Sino Group.

Far East Organization was established in 1967 and registered in the Mainboard of Singapore Exchange since 1968. Far East Group is also the largest privately owned property developer that has main office in Singapore up to today.

Sino Group is formed in the year 1971. It is among the most well-known Hong Kong property developers with the primary focus being on property development and investment.

They are among of the most famous developers within Singapore and have received numerous distinctions and awards from a variety of renowned projects.

With each developer that has its particular strengths and knowledge in the area of project development. Homeowners and investors with previous experience are guaranteed of a profitable venture with Reserve Residences.

Developers have established records and records through the decades. These include The Scott Towers, Greenwood Mews, Seaside Residences, Seahill, Bijou, Alana, Qbay Residences, Woods Square, Boathouse Residences as well as Watertown and many other.

Resident Pricing should be able to please many potential buyers with its appealing prices upon its debut.

Far East Organization and Sino Group will unveil the Reserve Residences in Jalan Anak Bukit in the near future. It is expected to become the next in-demand luxury development in the popular District 21.

It also includes restaurants, shops, office buildings and various other facilities which are in an area that is used for commercial purposes. The area comprises around 20000 square metres. A plaza of 800 square meters is planned to be constructed in order to host events that stand out from surrounding area. This space is expected to be used to host gatherings with people from the community.

Reserves Residences located in Bukit Timah are accessible via The Beauty World Metro Station. Section Residential is comprised of 845 houses with stunning interiors and amazing views of nature reserve.

Reserve Residences can connect to The Circle Line through to the Botanic Gardens Interchange. It is located near four stations along main roadways. It is known as an alternative to the Thomson East Coast line which will be operational up to 2022. Stevens Interchange is just five stations from each other.

There are a variety of locations to visit: Beauty World Plaza, Beauty World Center, Bukit Timah Shopping Center and Bukit Timah Plaza. You can shop or eat in an eatery, and have the thrill of a lifetime. There are plenty of restaurants just a couple of steps away.

A well-known, famous shopping centers is situated near The Reserve Residences located on Bukit Timah Street. It is situated within Bukit Timah's place. Bukit Timah Plaza serves as the center point for all childcare centers which are recognized.

There are many places to increase your knowledge. The most well-known ones are ArtZone, Fame Music School and many more , are located at Bukit Timah Plaza.

If you're looking for suggestions for food preparation or eating and eat, you must look into Cheong Chin Nam Road. There are numerous popular restaurants like Boon Tong's Chicken Rice and an Al-Azhar Eating Restaurant, Three Meals A Day, Bukit Timah Live Bull Frog Porridge and many more.

Check out Jln Jurong Kechil for the perfect snack or dessert from Udders Ice Cream FlagWhite located on Cake Avenue. Bukit Timah's Timah Market and Food Center is just 2 minutes' drive away . The shop is one that is local and has local and fresh items.