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How Do You Remove Junk?

Feb 24

AR Junk Removal deals with unwanted stuff from businesses, offices, homes, and residential homes in the junk removal category. The company takes care of household furniture, electronic equipment, appliances, yard waste and metal recycling, and doesn't remove asbestos, chemical-laden paints, oil barrels or drums, and any other toxic materials. AR Junk Removal is a recycled green company that recycles and doesn't even remove asbestos, chemical-laden paints, oil drums and tanks, or other toxic materials from homes. Many environmentally-conscious companies recycle at least some of their hazardous waste. The environmentally-friendly method doesn't use as many harmful products, so they aren't as likely to leave hazardous materials in the environment. AR Junk Removal is also fully bonded and insured.

The Department of Environmental Protection (HUD) has produced a Web site that contains information about hazardous waste and lists certified hazardous waste locations. At the site, you will find a link to a local phone number and a list of local contractors. The state and local agencies provide many options for electronic waste hauling, including electronic recycling and mobile electronic waste hauling. Some of the service categories include: mobile electronics recycling; electronic waste disposal; electronic waste transfer; telecommunication equipment recycling; used computer parts recycling; paper and cardboard materials recycling; wood and paper products recycling; tires and wheel bearings recycling; glass and window waste recycling; and carbon fiber manufacturing. Junk hauling is one of the more popular options for disposing of electronic waste.

Junk removal is a service that is required by many municipalities. It's a service that will help to prevent environmental damage from being done. If you have a hazardous waste issue and want to get rid of it safely, call a local hazardous waste removal service now. The information provided here will help you make an informed decision about your needs. Contact the professionals today!

Junk Removal Information

AR Junk Removal handles unwanted items from residences, offices, commercial businesses, or warehouses. The company specializes in the removal of electronic, woodwork, or metal objects; as well as other types of material. AR Junk Removal is an established, full-service junk removal and recycling company that removes appliances, furniture, electronics, wood waste, and house remodeling debris. We are also pleased to give advice on how residents can reduce their garbage.

In the past, the local government has not regulated the hauling of household electronic waste because it did not pose a health risk. However, the AR State Corporation for Industries (NCIS) has recently revised its guidelines for hauling yard waste and has included household electronic waste into its guidelines for reducing and purifying hazardous waste. According to the revised regulations, all yard waste materials originating from domestic facilities must be disposed of in accordance with the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). The updated guidelines affect all companies engaged in electronic waste hauling in the state, including mobile electronic waste hauling companies.

Most mobile electronic recycling companies have signed onto the NCIS's revised guidelines. This means that now they are required to provide written certification that they have implemented and comply with all aspects of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). If you are not aware of this act, you should contact your local state agency or call NCIS toll free and ask about your local regulations concerning the handling of hazardous waste. Mobile hauling companies should be familiar with the new laws and should work to make their services as compliant as possible.

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