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Jan 11


Flooring should be resistant to damage from the claws of pets.

Comfort is an important factor in flooring selections. This goes for both you and your pet. Stone tiling is not a good option. It is resistant to scratches, but it is harder and more difficult for pets to walk on and lie on.

Dogs with nails can also have problems with traction. Hardwood flooring is a good choice for dogs who are hyperactive. They may end up sliding down the corridor if they try to get past you.


There are many advantages to having Arlington carpets flooring in your home. These include warmth and comfort, as well as the variety of styles and colors that can be used to add a personal touch. There are many options when it comes to choosing the right carpet for your cat or dog.

Avoid loops in carpet, as they can catch on pets' claws. While wool is durable and stain-resistant, nylon is more affordable and has a high level of durability. Pet-owners also have the option of carpet tiles, which can be easily changed.

Carpet is best used in bedrooms, as this is where pets are least likely to be disturbed.

  • Pros:

    Carpet for pets has the number one advantage of providing comfort underfoot. Carpet provides a comfortable place for pets to lay down and a landing pad for cats who want to jump off of countertops or couches. Carpet is less likely to get scratches from pets' nails.

  • Cons:

    Sometimes, it can be difficult to clean up accidents and some stains are more difficult to remove. Although many of our residential carpets have a water-resistant treatment you will need to quickly remove any vomit, urine, or feces stains.

    Carpet can be more easily damaged by pets, particularly if they are active.


Doormats can catch dirt and debris that pets may bring in by placing them at the entrance. Keep your dogs' nails trimmed to reduce the damage to the carpet. Also, make sure to address any accidents promptly to stop the material from spreading to the pile.

Are you looking to replace your FLOORING?

Arlington Carpet Cleaners can help you if your flooring has suffered from pets over the years or if you are looking for a pet-friendly option.


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